How to challenge loneliness in pandemic?

Loneliness is a subjective feeling regardless you are surrounded by a crowd or in isolation. During pandemic, the sense of loneliness becomes more and more overwhelming and eventually swallows the joy of life. The emptiness and darkness infiltrates every day-to-day moments and prevents any possibility to connect or enjoy. This may be one of the first signs of depression. Later, sleep and appetite disturbsnces may follow. Eventually, social withdrawn predominates and paradoxically the last thing lonely people want to do is to reach out.

Lonileness is a dark cage inside that trapped the beautiful minds.

When you notice your family or your friends start to cancel social gathering or stay in bed excessively, it is very important to remind them the beautiful things in life and reach out to them even when they reject it. Your accompany and listening means a lot for a lonely person. Do not underestimate the power of a kind word, a warm hug and a gentle smile. Even in the darkest room, just a spark of light can brighten and warm up the whole room.

If you feel lonely, please reach out to family and friends despite your body is tired and you do not feel like doing so. You can send them a message, call them on the phone, or go for a visit. If you cannot reach anyone at the moment, try something which you used to enjoy, go for walk, or immerse yourself in the nature. The nature is aways the best place to reset and energize lonely mind.

Nature calms people down. It allows you to reflect and feel connected again.

After you’ve tried everything and nothing seemed to work, please consider supportive counseling with counselors. If you ever experience any thoughts to end your life, you are not alone. Please call the 24-hour suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Your moment of loneliness will pass even when you cannot see it.

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