Stories about Transformation

I am happy to say that after two weeks at the center working with Dr. Hu, I’ve overcome a lifelong fear of flying. This fear has prevented me from ever flying on an airplane, and at 65 years of age, the long drives for vacations were becoming problematic. After working with Dr. Hu and with Nate, a private pilot, I was able to take my first commercial airplane flight with little to no difficulty whatsoever. I was so relaxed I was even able to fall asleep on my return flight.

Featured on Chronicle about exposure therapy for aerophobia.

Steve Shannon, Rochester, NY, 2019

Dr. Hu is a skillful doctor and lovely human being. She often went out of her way to ensure my treatment with her was a successful one. She always spoke thoughtfully and cared for me with compassion. I’d certainly recommend her to a friend or family member of mine.

Anonymous, Cambridge, MA, 2017

Ever since that day Dr. Hu and I flew, I have gotten on every scheduled plane ride!!!

Anonymous, Winthrop, MA, 2018

I made to my sister’s wedding in Seattle without any worries about bathroom, neither on the plane nor at the wedding! I do not need any pills or connecting flights any more.

Anonymous, Jamaica Plain, MA, 2018

Thank you, guardian angel! We really appreciate everything you did for our son’s OCD.

Anonymous, Natick, MA, 2020

“Our daughter has made incredible progress this last year. She is social with friends and confident in her academic achievements. We can not thank you enough for your guidance and support of our daughter. We love you, Dr. Hu!”

Anonymous, Boston, MA, 2021