Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Client-centered CBT with incorporation of acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT), exposure therapy, and dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT).

The initial diagnostic interview and treatment formulation lasts 90 min. The follow-up sessions are usually 50 min weekly. Sometimes more frequent treatment sessions are offered when needed. Exposure therapies occurred outside office are charged as home visits.

Special one-week intensive treatment for panic disorder (with or without agoraphobia) and specific phobia include 2-hour daily CBT sessions during weekdays. This specialized treatment program is only appropriate for certain clients.

Intake (90 min)$675.00
60 min session$450.00
Home visits (per hour)$450.00
One-week intensive treatment$4000.00

Medication Management

The medication management is usually offered in addition to CBT. The medication-only options are also available for clients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders or clients who already identify a therapist.

For second opinion on OCD, Tourette’s syndrome or other complicated cases, I provide consultation to primary care doctors, pediatricians or other psychiatrists with a comprehensive treatment plans.

Intake (60 min)$450.00
25 min session$225.00
One-time Consultation (2 hour with a detailed report)$1000.00


Dr. Hu is an out-of-network provider for all insurance carriers.  You will be given an receipt for the services provided to submit to your insurance company with all necessary information. Insurance that includes out-of-network benefits often reimburses 20-70% of fees.

In checking with your carrier, it may help to report the codes that will be billed.  ​You will need to know if you have out of network benefits, any deductible for out of network benefits you must meet, ​and the dollar reimbursement amount for the following codes:

Initial Evaluation

Half Hour Medication Management Appointment
 99214 or 99213 (depending on complexity)

Hourly Psychotherapy with or without Medication Management Appointments
99212-99214 (depending on complexity) with 90836-90838