How COVID-19 impact OCD?

It really depends. COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and fear to everyone. In general, people who struggle with OCD are more susceptible to the stress during pandemic. However, the wax-and-wane nature of OCD can take on its own course without any clear triggers or factors. Some stable OCD patients even feel more “normal” to justify their rituals in this pandemic.

For those who struggle with worsening OCD symptoms during pandemic, most of them are not directly interfered by the fear of COVID-19, at least no more than usual. The irrational and creative mind of OCD always surprises people with different content to obsess about. The uncertainty, social isolation, boredom, and disrupted routine invites OCD to fill in the blank with various thoughts.

Please be gentle and compassionate to the situation we are in and focus on what we can control to make a difference. COVID-19 is one of many life challenges we face in life and do not forget to take care of yourself. The peace inside you are not the feather in the wind; it can be as still when your mind is calm and quiet.

Please see the following resources if you are interested in reading more:



McLean Hospital:

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